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Eneia White is known for her positivity, warm smile and creative approach to solving problems. Born and raised in a small suburb between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C.,  Eneia grew up in one of the most diverse cities in America, grooming her early appreciation for learning through cultural diversity. Her favorite part of the design process is getting to know the client, really understanding what they are communicating verbally and non verbally to deliver an end result they feel represents their aesthetic. Earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Washington, Eneia has a strong understanding of the technical side of the design process, bridging the gap between innovative ideas and dissecting the details of how successful spaces are built. 

" I actually changed my major 4 times! Elementary Education, English, Fashion Design and finally Interior Design. I saw myself in each of these careers, but Interior Design synthesizes my artistic gifts, technology and psychology. Every project enhances the way I approach not only design, but people and how we communicate. " 

Eneia developed her craft under the instruction of high-end designers and architects in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and New York. Residing and practicing design across the country has given Eneia a unique perspective into how culture, location and environment shapes the client's lifestyle and needs. 

"Dwelling in innovative cities across the country has given me a boost in developing the ability to deliver a high-end product, among a variety of styles. New York allows me to embrace the unknown, without limitations; like a true artist. Los Angeles taught me how to approach design through a timeless and comfort-driven lens , meeting the clients needs for a more laid-back approach to innovative design. Washington D.C., a mecca for political professionals, strengthened my eye for traditional pieces that tell a story of history and culture. " 

 Launched in 2018, EWI was formed based on the idea of offering a professional design service, extending dynamic concepts to her clients in a comfortable environment. She places a high value on the need for support, clear communication and offering each client the opportunity to enjoy the complete transformation of their space from start to finish.

"I am passionate about ensuring each client feels special throughout the entire phase of the design process. I pride myself on pushing the envelope with fresh ideas, cutting-edge products and smart design." 

Eneia currently resides in Queens, New York. When she's not designing interiors, she enjoys building and collecting miniature dollhouses, reading and trying out one of the latest restaurants the city has to offer.