Why hire a designer? 

Designers have access to vendors, products and information the average consumer does not. Working with a designer you trust, means you'll have someone representing you as you journey through a world of contractors, negotiations, and critical design decisions that will have a huge (and beautiful) impact on your future home or business. A great designer keeps track of the details so you don't have to. Our job is to think through the design, and convey information to be built efficiently and true to your vision. 

How do you communicate your vision to contractors and manufacturers? 

EWI uses AutoCAD and 3D modeling programs to communicate design intent. We supply working drawings for contractors and vendors to build from, insuring a successful implementation of the approved design. 

Do you offer e-services? 

Yes! EWI provides a design package for special clients looking to refresh an existing space, source furnishings or view a new approach to the spatial layout of their home. Send us a contact form on our Work With Me page with your design dilemma, and we'll provide a design package catered to your needs. 

What is your design fee?

Each project is carefully evaluated based on the overall amount of work involved to deliver quality design and manage your project. All fees are discussed before the commencement of your project, and included in our agreement once we assess your space, approach to design and a timeline of work to be completed. 


Still have questions regarding the design process or how we might be able to work together?